Three and Two Films Direct, Inc. is a full service DRTV Creative and Production company specializing in commercials, infomercials and product videos. 

We provide:

  • Marketing Management
  • Product Development & Sourcing
  • Concept Development
  • Script Writing
  • Test Group Casting, Management
  • Production – All aspects
  • Key Talent – Casting
  • Post Production Services – Avid, Adobe Premier, Final Cut edit bays
  • Telemarketing Script Consulting
  • Direct Response Referral Service



We put all the information we’ve gathered from our analysis and research into a creative brief before we begin actual script writing.  This document becomes our blue print for everything we do. We refer to it from start to finish. The Creative Brief defines:

  • Host and Expert, on set or location
  • Historical Information on the development of the product
  • Testimonials
  • Testimonials using the Product
  • Featured Testimonials i.e. sports figure, celebrity, etc.
  • Demonstrations by host and expert
  • Positive Lifestyle Shots with Models
  • Endorsements by Experts
  • Scientific Proof
  • First Time Users
  • Comparisons to other products
  • Product Shots
  • Animation
  • The Offer
  • The Guarantee



The content may include the following to deliver on the points outlined in the creative brief

  • The offer
  • The consumer problem the creative must solve
  • The unique selling proposition
  • The most important benefits
  • The promise, or claims, that motivates the consumer into action
  • The guarantee
  • The secret that makes the product work so well
  • The features and benefits
  • The key selling phrases
  • Elements of the show
  • Reasons the consumer will take action now rather than later
  • Tone and manner of communication
  • Specific action we want prospect to take